Speeding and Traffic Tickets

New Jersey Traffic Ticket Attorney Hanan Boulos

Attorney Hanan Boulos has several practice areas, including traffic tickets, New Jersey Motor Vehicle Commission Hearings, DUI and DWI, and criminal defense.

Traffic Tickets

If a traffic ticket is paid in a timely manner, it is the equivalent of pleading guilty and a specific number of points will be assessed to the individual’s driver’s license. If 12 points or more are assessed in a year, the motorist’s license will be suspended.

It is important to remember that a traffic ticket is not a conviction and that you have the right to challenge the alleged violation. Attorney Boulos is an experienced traffic ticket attorney and is skilled at challenging alleged violations. She will always pursue the most favorable outcome possible, which may include a dismissal, depending on the particular case.

There are many potential traffic ticket violations in New Jersey, including, but not limited to, the following examples:

  • Speeding tickets are charged according to how many miles per hour over the speed limit you were allegedly driving:
    • a) 1 – 14 = 2 points
    • b) 15 – 29 = 4 points
    • c) 30 or more = 5 points
  • Careless driving = 2 points
  • Reckless driving = 5 points
  • Tailgating = 5 points
  • Improper U turn = 5 points
  • Failure to observe stop or yield sign = 2 points
  • Leaving the scene of an accident, personal injury = 8 points

Attorney Boulos provides vigorous, effective legal defense to any of the above violations, as well as all others not listed.

New Jersey Motor Vehicle Commission Hearings

Motor Vehicle Commission hearings are serious and the outcome may result in the future of your driving privileges. There are numerous reasons why a driver may receive a Notice of Scheduled Suspension. These include driving with a suspended license, accidents resulting in death or serious injury, failing to pay fines, and many others.

Attorney Boulos is an experienced and aggressive advocate who represents clients facing license suspensions and other MVC matters. She will present your case in a manner that is most likely to result in the most favorable outcome possible.

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